This is my site where I keep some of the more public aspects of my early research and maintain a select collection of files for ease of use. My blog is where the real action happens right now. I'm finally getting it off the ground (no, really... I am this time) and it may replace this experimental playground I've called a "website." Stay tuned, I finally have the time to get some proper work done this Spring.

Please, have a look around!
1 ImageAnalyzer dir
2 TTDA dir
3 site dir
4 DirectorTheory.cdf file
5 DirectorTheory.html file
6 DirectorTheory.png file
7 SqueezeFlowScheduleTLCP.cdf file
8 SqueezeFlowScheduleTLCP.html file
9 SqueezeFlowScheduleTLCP.png file
10 Untitled.cdf file
11 Untitled.png file
12 ViscStrainRegionsModel.cdf file
13 ViscStrainRegionsModel.html file
14 ViscStrainRegionsModel.png file
15 qual2.html file

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